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Tesco Internet Phone

Get cheaper phone calls with Tesco Internet Phone. It's simple to use and will save you a fortune on UK and worldwide calls.

Tesco Internet Phone:

"Tesco Internet Phone offers low cost telephone calls over the Internet. For broadband users, Tesco Internet Phone has a range of handsets and call plans to suit anyone's lifestyle and pockets, so that you can 'read your daughter a bedtime story from Spain', or 'listen to your grandson practice the trumpet in Toronto'.

Tesco Internet PhoneHandsets range from 9.98 to 49.97 and there is a headset you can purchase for just 4.98. Most phones are currently reduced in price and are therefore extra attractive to buy now! The stickphone lets you phone from anywhere in the world, which is great for travellers.

There are four call plans that customers can sign up to:

Pay as you go: if you don't want to pay a monthly charge but still want to benefit from cheap calls to UK and overseas numbers. Call for less, with no obligations!

Off-peak UK: if you're out all day and use you phone mainly in the evening or at weekends. This call plan offers unlimited (up to 70 minutes per call, 2p per minute thereafter) UK evening & weekend calls. Make the most of your free time! The cost is only 2 per month.Tesco Internet Phone

Anytime UK: if you work from home or just want to pick up the phone whenever you feel like a chat. This call plan offers (up to 70 minutes per call, 2p per minute thereafter) calls to all standard UK landlines. Chat whenever you want! The cost is only 5 per month.

Anytime World: if you have friends or family overseas and want to stay in touch more often for less. This call plan offers unlimited (Includes all calls to 30 different international destinations for the first 70 minutes of each call, then charged at 2p per minute thereafter. Call Grandma in Perth whenever you fancy! Cost is only 8.50 per month.

Calls between Tesco Internet Phone are FREE, as is collecting your voicemails. And you earn Clubcard points for every you spend!

Tesco Internet Phone is incredibly easy to set up and use, and there are different add-ons to help you tailor-make a service that suits your lifestyle and saves you more money. There are even simple options to let you use the service when you're away from home!"

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Tesco Internet Phone

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