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TD Waterhouse ISA

TD Waterhouse the famous share dealing company is now offering a Self Select ISA. Here's what TD Waterhouse have to say about it: "The TD Waterhouse Self Select ISA puts you fully in control of your investments as you decide what to invest in.

TD WaterhouseYou can choose from a wide range of investments including UK and international stocks and over 1800 unit trusts from many of the best known fund providers.TD Waterhouse London Investor Centre

Also, you do not have to pay an annual admin fee on an account valuation of 5,100 or above. You can benefit further as the Self Select ISA is a tax efficient investment with any returns free from Capital Gains Tax*.

The value of investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back all the funds you invest.

*Please note that the tax treatment of these products depends on the individual circumstances of each customer and may be subject to change in future.

How TD Waterhouse compares:
Based on an account valuation of 20,000

TD Waterhouse 0.00
TD Waterhouse
Selftrade 41.13
Barclays 58.75
Halifax 117.45
Abbey 117.50
The Share Centre 117.50

Information adjusted on 2010/10/21. Fees shown are the equivalent annual fees and are inclusive of VAT. Assumes investment in individual stocks and shares.

Not only does the TD Waterhouse Self Select ISA offer a zero annual admin fee but it also provides the following benefits:

• Control your own investment by choosing from a wide range of investment options
• Mix and match investments from any fund management group within one ISA
• Protect your investments from Capital Gains Tax
• Trade online from 8.95 commission per trade

TD Waterhouse London Investor CentreWith a TD Waterhouse self select Trading ISA you can invest up to 10,680 a year, with the ability to control your own investments.TD Waterhouse

What is a self select Trading ISA?
The self select Trading ISA is a stocks and shares ISA which offers you a wide range of investment options. It puts you in control of your share portfolio and at the same time protects your growth from Capital Gains Tax.

Who is it for?
The TD Waterhouse Trading ISA is suitable for you if you:

• want complete flexibility over what you invest in
• want a tax efficient investment
• buy shares on a regular basis
• want a longer term investment (minimum of 5 years)
• What can you invest in?
• You can tailor your investments to match your own appetite for risk by choosing from:

UK and international equities, gilts, bonds, investment trusts, unit trusts, OEICs and exchange traded funds.
TD Waterhouse
How much can you invest?
For this tax year you can invest:

• Stocks & Shares ISA – up to 10,680 per year

Any income received on your Trading ISA, such as dividends or interest, will automatically be credited to the cash balance on your account. It is your decision as to whether you invest or withdraw this income.
TD Waterhouse

What are the other benefits of a Trading ISA?
• Easy to set up
• Online or phone access
• 24/7 access to market information and research tools
• Limit orders
• Real time price quotes
• Price Improvement
• Stockwatch - Virtual Portfolios
TD Waterhouse London Investor Centre
• HemscottTM research
• Nominee Facilities
• Email trading confirmations or postal trading confirmations
• No need to declare your ISA on your tax return

How much does it cost?
No initial set-up fee. For account valuations of 5,100 and above there is a 0 annual account administration fee. The annual account administration fee for account valuations of 3,599.99 or less is 30 plus VAT. (**Terms apply)

TD WaterhouseWhen are the tax deadlines?
The tax year begins on April 6th each year. Any investments into a Trading ISA in a single year would need to be funded before 5.00pm on 5th April of that tax year.

**Zero Fee ISA Terms
• These terms only apply to new ISA and PEP accounts with TD Waterhouse Investor Services (Europe) Limited opened on or after 1st October 2007. The customer must be 18 or over and a UK resident.
• ISA and PEP accounts with a value on the last business day in May each year of 5100.00 or greater will not be charged an annual administration fee.
• ISA and PEP accounts with a value on the last business day in May each year of 5099.99 or less will be charged an annual administration fee of 30 plus VAT on or around the first business day"

So, to sum it up: TD Waterhouse is a financial company who can invest your money for you. This may seem a much more complex way of doing things than just putting the money in a savings bank account, but there are considerable tax savings to be had by doing things this way. You should have a look at the TD Waterhouse website (coming up next) and then get some advice from a financial adviser before investing your money!

Here's the actual link to TD Waterhouse...TD WaterhouseTD Waterhouse

Link here for TD Waterhouse!
(TD Waterhouse Self Select ISA (Individual Savings Account))

TD Waterhouse.co.uk affiliate program is with Brilliant Media . Also see TD Waterhouse trading. See notes at the end of that page regarding the change of name to TD Direct Investing

Get some financial advice from your own financial adviser before venturing into this!