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Southern Electric Customer Testimonial

I give a special commendation to Southern Electric, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, they have been the cheapest supplier of electricity (for my circumstances), for a long while.Southern Electric Econometer Also, Southern Electric supplied me with a box full of economy lightbulbs, free. Plus, Southern Electric have given me an econometer! This displays in real-time the power being used. Of course kettles and microwave ovens rate quite highly in terms of wattage, but they are only switched on for a few minutes. Most of the cost on the electricity bill is the things that are left switched on all of the time, like the fridge, freezer, and the computer which is the Samba server.

I've noticed that the Southern Electric econometer has an ethernet RJ45 socket underneath, but I have not yet looked into getting it connected to the local area network!

If you'd like to join Southern Electric, there's a page about it here: Scottish Southern Energy