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SMV GroupStarcom MediaVest

SMV - The Human Experience Company

This is a very snazzy marketing agency, and doing quite well especially on account of promoting Harveys the Furniture Store. This could be good.

As they say in their own words: "We’re a communications group consisting of two agency brands, Starcom and MediaVest, powered by a range of specialist resources. Our clients are some of the world's most successful brands and we help them connect with their global customers. We do this by designing experiences that deliver their messages in the most effective way possible".

I think they could do with an affiliate recruiter program, as these things always help. It's good to have famous names and the right type of long-term affiliates who are good for business.

Anyway, in the meantime, the link to go to the place is www.smvgroup.co.uk (gone! surely not?!) , and don't forget to mention ZYRA put the good word in!