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shot dead in the head

Bad taste never looked better on t-shirts - shot dead in the head. All the shirts you'd like to wear under one roof! Don't tell your mum!

Shot Dead in the Head:

"shot dead in the head, one of the UK’s leading web-based T-shirt stores, launched in early 2005 with our 'Make Bono History' shirt.

Our range of over 100 shirts have since been featured in The Sunday Times, The Independent, Heat magazine and Mojo amongst others. Vogue even made our slogan shirts number 19 in the 2006 Top 100 cool list.Shot Dead in the Head

our ethics

We recognise and understand the value of ethical manufacturing. We only use one supplier, so we can be sure as to where, how and under what conditions our garments are manufactured.

Our supplier fully respects the following ethics in relation to our current range:

All orders are sent from the UK using the services of the Royal Mail and Air Mail. The delivery cost will be added to your order at the checkout and is calculated by the destination for your order and the number of products(s) ordered".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Shot Dead in the Head

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