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Shelving System

Could this be the answer to your shelving solutions? Take a look at Shelving System and the range of shelving they have on offer.

Shelving System:

"Shelfstore Shelving System is a multifunctional bookcase / shelving system for the home, office, shop, school etc. You can create any arrangement you wish from a simple shelving unit to a complete library or storage solution.

We have been distributing our system in the UK since 1979. The system is used all around the home and office as well as schools, collages, universities and local and central government. All components and made in Sweden and constructed from solid wood and sourced from sustainable forests.

A unique shelf support system will allow the shelves to take very heavy loads. For example a shelf measuring 80 x 30 cm can easily carry 100kg.

We have an interactive web site where customers can design a shelving system to fit their specific space.

Shelfstore offers great customer service and a quick delivery time of 2 3 days. Our system allows the user to choose a preferred delivery date ensuring the user knows when his/her goods will be arriving".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Shelving System

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