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Pharmacy Place

Pharmacy Place

Fantastic Prices

Click online to the Pharmacy Place website, they're a great source for Health and Beauty products. When purchasing medicines from their site, always check first with your doctor.

Pharmacy Place:

"PharmacyPlace is a leading online pharmacy in the UK specialising in Health & Beauty Products.

We sell a wide range of products from Health & Beauty to Home.

We focus on stock availability and price and try our utmost to reduce cart abandonment.

As a Pharmacy we also stock a range of over the counter lines that are not publically available at to all online sellers.

Our online product range is extensive - we sell Beauty products, toothbrush heads, books, toys and kitchen items all at cheap prices. Our top discounted brands include Tepe, Homedics, Skinceuticals and Perfumes, We aim to have the cheapest price for all our products.

Please note that we offer information only and this is not a substitute for professional advice. Please contact your doctor. Always inform your doctor of any medicines you take, even herbal".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Pharmacy Place

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