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nexta NEXT store updated

Picture of a Shop

The same next store as pictured in the old picture of a next store except this was taken on 2011/01/28 rather than in the months previously, when the building had the name of the company in capitals.

I am an affiliate and I have pages about next , for example // next Online , next Flowers and Wine , and next Directory. Merchants can sometimes get a big finicky and picky about their logos, and in the case of next , they had a change of corporate image and went from having the company name in capitals to having the company name in lower case. Now this may not seem a big change, and it would be easy to say they were being over-picky about logos on affiliate websites that had not been updated straight away.

The situation seemed quite bizarre from the affiliate's perspective, as the physical stores still had the old-style logo on them. Were they too going to have to change the logos promptly and in a timely manner?

Surprisingly, some of the next stores actually did change their logos. It was amazing, that within a matter of weeks, shop fronts had changed to have the new lower-case next logo!

It was still with wry amusement that such impressive edifices as the one at Next Pix were still with the old logos. Of course they'd find it very difficult and expensive to change 6ft high lettering on a building!

However, to the credit of next , they actually changed their logos, showing a consistent policy throughout.

a NEXT store updated

If you'd like to visit next themselves, you are welcome to visit next via the pages next Online , next Flowers and Wine , and next Directory