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It's a picture in which there seem to be many identical cats all lined up on a garage roof. There's something unearthly about it, especially considering that one of the defining features of cats is that they behave individually rather than being manifested as an array[1..N] of cat. This photo was taken in the early days of digital cameras when 640x480 was considered quite a good resolution. In fact you can see a ghostly image of the camera to the left of the image where the reflection in the glass has caught it.

The scene would originally have had only one cat in it, but then to liven the scene up, some free software that came with the scanner was put into use and a copy cat added, and then another, and so on, until the completed work was made. Another point of finesse about the picture is that no attempt has been made to clean it up by removing the obvious faults in it. This gives the image a slightly disturbing realism as if that's how it was actually taken in the first place!

The result is a somewhat surrealist picture in which something unnatural and uncanny is shown as natural and real.

The picture was unseen for years until it became an appropriate adornment for the page about Cat Valency

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Incidentally, the star imageStarwas added from the front page, but when it was examined to see if it went anywhere it was found to go to the CATegories