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London Bridge...

e-mails coming in suggest there may still be some London Bridge stone available...

We have in our possession a large amount of granite from the original London Bridge. All of it was not shipped to America. The stone we have has the history and authentication. They did not buy all of the bridge! Thanks ...Terry

Dear Zyra, Sorry for the delay in returning your mail. We have made some products from the stone; birdbaths, horse troughs etc. We still have thirty tons in our possession and ultimately yes some of this rare stone will be for sale. Effectively the American "London Bridge" is basically stone cladding and we have managed to reclaim this stone. Ostensibly we are masons that thought the stone deserved more than being left unused as it has great historical significance. Thankyou for your reply and yes any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ...Terry

It appears that we have lost contact with the people who sent this message in, but there may be some news on this at some future time.