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Companies whose names are of the form "Just [something]" where the [something] in question is that company's speciality. Here are a few companies with such names, JUST...

Just Beautifully

Just Buy Online

Just Candles

Just Cars Online

Just Childsplay

Just Converse

Just Eat

Just Eternity Rings

Just Fine Inc

Just For Gifts

Just Golf Online

Just Good Books

Just Hom

Just Lenses

Just Miniatures

Just Skechers

Just Socca

Just Sweet

Just The Shop

Just UK


Just Books.co.uk

See, there are quite a few companies with "JUST..." in the name. This type of naming was most popular during the yuppie era of the 1980s, which has led to some astute people regarding the "Just [something]" naming as suggesting there might be something pretentious about the establishment in question. Of course this is not true of all of the "Just..." places, even though in the 1980s there were some of them that were decidedly pretentious.

Another issue with having a company name of the form "Just [something]" is illustrated by the following example: Supposing you're the world's best expert in, say, catfood, and you set up a shop that sells just catfood, it may seem tempting to call the company "Just Catfood" and have that to a big fancy sign over the door, and a domain, etc. The problem is that sooner or later you will realise that you can diversify into selling dogfood for example, and then although the initial premise of the business has not changed, the name is left at a loss to cover the change. A similar thing happened to Roses Only of Australia (as seen on the Florists page), where they started selling chocolates and other gifts, and... well you can see what I mean! Also see Simply... [something]

Other curious namings include 4U , and also having a Z on the end, and also [something] Warehouse