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J Shoes Online

Make a statement with your footwear. Treat yourself to some independently branded, individually crafted footwear from the J Shoes Online - don't be a sheep!

J Shoes Online:

"From its humble beginnings in Leicestershire, J Shoes has gone on to develop a strong brand following from its customers around the world, achieved by a combination of design innovation, individuality, craftsmanship and high quality materials - offering the perfect blend of crafted artisan appeal, with comfort and style.

Here at J Shoes we love to use leathers that are full of character, our materials are natural and with that come all the ingredients that make our shoes different and interesting, allowing us to stand out from the rest of the mass-produced herd.

Our leathers include blemishes, interesting variations, and great warmth and depth through aniline finishes, waxes and oils. All this is often topped off with a little burnishing and mopping by hand.

'We are an independent brand and we aim to make great footwear that reflects these characteristics in our consumers.' Nick Drury, Head of Design and Creative, J Shoes.

Like us, we like to think our materials and products only get better with age and wear".

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J Shoes Online

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