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In The Know

IN THE KNOW is a magazine which you may help you to decide who the winners are most likely to be in some horse races. There is no certainty in horseracing, - if there was it wouldn't be much fun. But tips from the magazine might give you the edge in making a decision about placing a bet. The question isn't whether you'll make miraculous winnings or not, it's whether the price of the magazine will pay for itself many times over in proving you with information which will help.

This is Where the Link was!

Link used to be https://secure.newstel.com/InTheKnow/weeklyMags.asp but has now gone, although when it was there it did good mostly for quite a long time. So, maybe you'd like to copy that link in and give it a try, or have a look at other gambling and Bookies at this site, or other sport, or other magazines. There's loads of stuff here.

News! (2006/11) ... Although we haven't yet managed to get In The Know Magazine back here, there is another online gambling magazine which we have! It's called The Inside Edge