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Golf Garb

You have to be a natty dresser on the golf course! Visit Golf Garb and you'll find great clothing, even some that you can be seen in off the course.

Golf Garb:

"GolfGarb offers classic and contemporary golf wear for Men, Ladies and Juniors. With a wide range of golf clothing available from golf shirts, golf trousers, golf sweaters , waterproofs and much more.

With large selections of golf clothes from the leading golf brands of Cutter & Buck, Glenmuir, Green Lamb, Sunderland Golf, Backtee and Calvin Klein Golf.

No matter what your handicap we have the golf clothing to make you look and feel great while offering practical, functional and comfortable golf wear that will keep you warm, dry or cool during your round of golf.

GolfGarb, what's in a name? Well the Golf doesn't need any explanation, but Garb (slang for clothing fashion) sums up our thoughts for the type of clothing we wanted to stock - quality, fashionable, individual, and fun.

Our collections will be suitable for all age groups and look equally smart on and off the golf course".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Golf Garb

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