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Free UK is a free ISP with a free webspace which of course has no advertisements (apart from those you yourself put on it). The people at FreeUK are very helpful and have a local rate phone UK phone number 08453 55 55 55 (open 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday) where they can help you get your webspace set up.

The dial-up internet number is 0844 535 0802 which is required for uploading to FreeUK. But (unusual for free ISPs) FreeUK can be uploaded from anywhere in the world by putting ftp:home.freeuk.com into your browser or by using the web-based FTP via www.freeuk.com/members/ftp.php which then gives you the option of uploading five files at a time from your computer.

Link to www.freeuk.com for a free webspace!

Also see How to Get a Free Website (including how to many money online)

Whilst we are grateful to Sam Spin for kindly getting us this FreeUK webspace to add to the list of webspaces at Zyra's website www.zyra.org.uk, the bandwidth and prospective tax exile status of this site are such that we are moving away from the free webspace way of operation. Also see www.zyra.tv and the tax havens feature plus How to Run Your Own Business

In February 2011, FreeUK turned off the webspace, which is a shame, but it's a fact that we can't cope with UK dial-up ISPs after moving to Panama