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Discs Express

At Discs Express, you don't just get blank discs! There are loads of different products to choose from including computer software and ink cartridges.

Discs Express:

"Discs Express's aim is to supply you the consumer a range of quality consumer products at most competitive prices. We value all our customers business and take all your comments in consideration when we make upgrades and product adjustments to our website, it is through your requirements that we are able to fulfil our goal.

At Discs Express, you'll find the cheapest, top quality blank media, CDR, DVD-R, Dual Layer, DVD+R 16x speed, Printable Discs & Cases and many more products.

Discs Express are an online retailer of Blank CDs, DVDs, Ink cartridges, computer hardware, computer peripherals and much much more".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Discs Express

http://www.discsexpress.com/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Future
Delivery to UK and most of mainland Europe. Sadly, the program has now finished, we hope it will return again soon. In the meantime, please visit our DVD Shops page for alternatives.