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Crucial Technology UK

Crucial Technology UK

Upgrade your desktops memory to suit your needs with Crucial Technology UK. They carry more than 110,000 memory upgrades for more than 20,000 desktops, notebooks, servers, and printers.

Crucial Technology UK:

"Crucial, now named Lexar Media, brings you two outstanding brands in memory: Crucial DRAM and Lexar flash products.

Our story starts with Micron Technology, one of the largest dynamic random access memory (DRAM) manufacturers in the world. Crucial Technology UKHeadquartered in Boise, Idaho, USA, Micron manufactures DRAM chips and assembles them into high-quality memory modules for sale to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide.

Having experience success with corporate customers, Micron saw the need to provide OEM-quality memory directly to end users — the home desktop user, the IT network professionals, the student notebook user. So in 1996, Micron responded to a growing demand for high-quality memory upgrades among end users who wanted the best possible performance from their systems. Micron launched Crucial in September of that year, and for the first time, end users had the opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer the same memory modules bought by the world's leading manufacturers for original installation in their systems.

In 1999, Crucial opened for business in East Kilbride, Scotland, Crucial Technology UKoffering end users outside the U.S. the same benefits of reliability and performance combined with manufacturer-direct savings and convenience.

Demand for Crucial upgrades has grown rapidly since the Crucial launch, and we have expanded our product line to include a variety of other products. This growth culminated with the latest chapter in the story, when in 2007, Crucial combined with leading NAND flash provider, Lexar. We are now known under the name, "Lexar Media." Together, Lexar and Crucial deliver customers a wider range of products through even more sales channels. Crucial memory is a key brand within the Lexar Media company.

- Crucial is a division of Micron, one of the largest DRAM and flash manufacturers in the world.

- Crucial carries more than 110,000 memory upgrades for more than 20,000 desktops, notebooks, servers, and printers.

- Flash memory cards, High-performance Ballistix™ gaming memory, and graphics cards".

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Crucial Technology UK

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