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Cola and Tank Tracks

Cola and Tank Tracks

This looks like a piece of cunning product-placement, and I hope that any companies involved are happy with this. However, what we see is tank tracks apparently about to crush a can of cola. Observant people have commented that the can of cola is in no danger of being crushed, as the tank tracks are on an undamaged tiled floor, suggesting that the situation is in a museum, by which we can deduce that the tank would be an exhibit and entirely static. Well, they'd be right. It's an impromptu staged photo taken in the Imperial War Museum, London.

The visitor did not leave litter, you understand. The can was placed there just for the picture, and then removed to be recycled.

The tank was not harmed in this stunt, either.

If you're interested in war memorabilia, you may like to visit the Imperial War Museum Shop where there's a remarkable collection of art available online.

Picture taken by Zyra in 2002 when visiting the museum.