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Zyra's Circular. Strange newsletters sent out every now and then. Here's Issue 82 in case you're interested:

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Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 1:38 PM
Subject: A ton of feathers weighed up in Issue82 of Zyra's website

Propping it upOoh look! Some more good news! 2005/08/07 22:53 Publication of Issue 82 of www.zyra.org.uk

Hi to ALL!

In this issue various items are being weighed up; A CAT, but as that is too easy, tons of feathers are weighed versus tons of lead to see which weigh more, even on different planets. Incidentally, in the picture (right), a ten ton hydraulic jack is being deployed to lift a feather bed. "So, why do you have caster-cups under the wheels of the bed?" ... "To stop the bed from falling off the stacks of bricks it's supported on!". More about this later, but first...

In this issue: The Global Industrial Equipment Company, Norwich Union, rats leaping off high buildings, advice about choosing your own web site name, updates on gambling casinos, the North Magnetic Pole being actually a "south pole", and as if that wasn't surprising enough, advertising of the Burton suit!

Focus on KitchensFirst some kitchen news. I'll not say much about my kitchen as it's currently still adorned with dust from the letting-off of a dry powder fire extinguisher, but meanwhile in kitchens owned by folk who aren't as MAD, it is a valid point that Focus DIY have now got kitchen units , kitchen appliances, and other useful things available at www.zyra.org.uk/focuska.htm , complete with pictures where everything is spotlessly clean rather than covered in grease and ash as it is here.

Some more, nice homely things, are available from Littlewoods Home Shopping, now added to the Shopping and all that jazz with a dedicated page at www.zyra.org.uk/littlehs.htm

These pages don't stand in isolation, so if you don't find what you're looking for at first, you can explore laterally through the interlinkedness! Also, everything is listed in Z to A antialphabetical order at www.zyra.biz/sindexz.htm

a puzzler?Now about the cat-weighing. How to weigh a cat? Well you could take it into the Post Office and put it on the scales, but a quick thought-experiment of imagination shows this isn't looking promising in terms of likely success. Even trying to get a cat to stand on the bathroom scales is tricky. It was even suggested (would you believe it?) that the way to find the weight of a cat is to dunk it in water and see how much water was displaced, assuming cats have a neutral buoyancy of 1000Kg/m^3. I think this last idea may have been suggested in a less than serious tone. But in truth, everyone knows how to weigh a cat, don't they? You weigh yourself on the bathroom scales while holding the cat, and then you weigh yourself again minus the cat, and subtract the difference. See www.zyra.info/weighcat.htm

That was EASY! But what about the ancient riddle "Which weighs more? A ton of feathers or a ton of lead?" (Metric or SI preference people may put in "tonne" instead, or 1E3Kg etc, as the science remains the same). Now come on, this isn't serious is it? Don't they weigh THE SAME?! This is where commonsense, logic, belief, and science tend to have different takes on the notion, and it all gets a bit more involved than expected. See www.zyra.info/tonflead.htm for more about this hotly-debated news item ;-)

...No, it's not MY bed in the photograph. It's one of the other beds in one of the other rooms. My bed isn't supported on stacks of bricks. It's supported on eight computer terminals. In my opinion I have slept on them for too long. So now they are for sale! See www.zyra.me.uk/wordplex.htm

I was looking at some modern beds at www.zyra.org.uk/sleepsol.htm and I noticed that these days there's hardly any storage room underneath at all for storing stuff! It might be possible to squeeze a few laptops underneath at the most! No space for those piles of reels of bandoliers of 5000 resistors or the knitting machine (also for sale). Plus, on another traditional use of beds, using the mattress to store money in, the interest rate offered by most modern mattresses is not as good as that given by bank accounts such as the ones offered free by these helpful people: www.zyra.org.uk/alleic.htm

a good rollNow about risk management, it has to be thought about, and it's possible to choose to have more risk or less risk according to taste. For example, if you'd like to buy some more risk, it's worth looking at The National Lottery via www.zyra.org.uk/lottery.htm or Sandpiper Casino (recently announced) via www.zyra.org.uk/sandpipc.htm , or, to have less risk, Norwich Union at www.zyra.org.uk/norwichu.htm can buy-off risks of various types. Home, travel, vehicle, pet, etc. It's generally accepted in the UK, when driving around, vehicle insurance is quite a good idea to have, as it is in effect insurance against being caught by the police for not having any insurance.

For safety, flying is best! It is now so safe to be flying that if it gets much safer, it will soon be safer than being on the ground. Arrangers of flying arrangements now include Airline Network www.zyra.net/airlnet.htm , Skydeals www.zyra.org.uk/skydeals.htm , and oodles of other places vaguely linked around the www.zyra.org.uk/travel.htm part of the site.

In a previous issue I mentioned about the sun, and I said that it had a power rating in watts and a quantifiable mass in kilogrammes, and that it was possible to work out the sun's power-to-weight ratio (see www.zyra.tv/sun1.htm ). This raised the question of how it can be that so much starstuff remains inside and how the outer surface is so small in relative terms. This is where the whole business involving rats leaping off high buildings comes in, and how volume and area relate for different sized objects. See, it doesn't have to be boring. www.zyra.info/areavol.htm

Did you know, there is a place called "The Hut"? You might wonder what their line of business is. It would be interesting to make a few guesses before visiting www.zyra.net/thehut.htm , but I think it's open to considerable speculation unless you actually knew in advance. Having said that, they'll probably be so famous and ubiquitously well known that everyone knows what "The Hut" is!

It's often tricky when creating your own new website to get a really good name for it. I have seen many different people encounter a variety of difficulties and hazards to do with the website name or "domain" problem. How to choose your own domain? It ends up being more of a "jungle survival guide" than might at first have been expected! See www.zyra.tv/choosdom.htm

Fashion. Lead fashion, don't follow it! The individualistic manifesto continues with many diverse places and styles mentioned at www.zyra.org.uk/fashion.htm , and this site promotes freedom of expression in appearance. However, diversity is inclusive, not exclusive. So, normal fashion is also included, for example Burton the Tailor at www.zyra.org.uk/burton.htm as well as quite a few other places.

Global Industrial Equipment Company is now on the page www.zyra.net/globalec.htm but we're not sure quite how global it is, or how industrial the equipment is. I saw a generator on there, but it said "2.8 kilowatts", whereas it might have been "2.8 megawatts" or "2.8 gigawatts".

And now to finish off this Circular with an apparent grand anomaly, here's something which is global. The magnetic field of the earth. Which end of it is "north" and which end is "south"? Suppose there's a model of the earth as a globe with a magnetic field. Carefully opening it up to reveal inside the bar-magnet, which end is the "north" pointing?! Or, to put it another way, if you made a model of the earth and put a magnet in it to be like the earth's magnetic field, which way round should it go? The answer is quite odd, as the South is "north" and the North is "south"! .but it starts to make sense after a while! See www.zyra.tv/norsth.htm

familiar looking planetI hope you enjoy exploring the site. Have fun!

Kind Regards to All,



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