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Bridge Street and Bridge Foot, High Street, Boston

Bridge Street, Boston

Another scenic picture from the quaint old town of Boston, England. Here we see Mountains the Butchers, The Moon Under Water (pub), and a variety of interesting shops stretching into the distance along this meandering commercial thoroughfare. The architecture has character and diversity, of the type before autocratic "planning permission" was imposed. Plus, the shops in that district tend to be the sorts of places that are frequented by folks who are willing to walk the extra distance. Shops such as Artizan, and that interesting party shop, etc. Also note, the variety of confusing traffic control signs on the road, the secret entrance to Hatters Lane, and a large and prominent "Big Brother Is Watching You" CCTV spy camera in the street. These were commonplace during the no-privacy no-civil-liberties era before the 21st Century Revolution.

Bridge Street is just off to the right, and Bridge Foot is part of High Street, and is so called because it leads up to the Town Bridge, which is the oldest bridge across the river Haven/Witham in Boston. It is from this famous bridge that a police dog was thrown to its death during the riots which also saw the pillaging of Threshers Wine Shop, and the setting ablaze of several police cars.

Also note the classic UHF television aerials which long pre-date the introduction of photonic broadband and Internet TV.

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