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How much is your mobile worth?

Well, Bozowi is all we can say! They believe that they can offer the to pay you the best prices for your mobile phones and devices. So if we were you, we'd get clicking that mouse!


"Bozowi offer some of the best prices for new phones & devices.

Bozowi’s website has been formulated from a strong foundation of ECD, which in 11 years has evolved to become a predominate member of the mobile recycling industry. The managing director and operations mangers have been recycling phones for almost 20 years.

Unlike many of the new companies, we have a strong financial and industry track record enabling us to support our main objectives, which are to have a hit list of the most popular mobiles which we believe we can pay the highest for.

These handsets will be the most popular handsets which are currently being recycled".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!


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Cute aliens Bo & Zowi. To read the sci-fi, see "BoZowi Story" at the site