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Wanted: Someone to set up and run a BOOK SHOP

If you fancy the idea of setting up your own bookshop, this might be of interest. I'm keen to find someone who'd like to run a bookshop, possibly an ONLINE bookshop where where you can sell books on the Internet. If you live in Lincolnshire, this may help, but it's not a requirement.

I'm looking for someone who appreciates old books, and who has plenty of time on their hands. Setting up an online bookshop doesn't require knowing about Internet stuff already, as there are resources here by which you can learn about it. There is a friendly hosting company where you can get a website hosted for minimal cost (30/year last time I looked), see Vivostar. The building of a website has no age requirements and it's possible to learn about html, with a bit of patience. I am serious about this; you can set up your own online business!

The reason I am so keen to find someone to set up a bookshop to sell old books is simply this: I have a great many old books, thousands in fact, and I will be emigrating from the UK as a tax exile. International furniture removers smile at me in a kindly way but I know it will be much easier for them to shift my belongings if I can avoid having to get the removers to transport thousands of old books!

I'm quite fond of old books myself, but I intend to choose a few hundred to take with me, leaving many thousands of books to have something more geographically sensible done with them.

If you take on this project, I hope you will make some money on it, but I don't think it's exactly a get rich quick business plan. It's more of the kind of thing to enjoy in retirement, a satisfying pastime which happens to make some money here and there. The books involved aren't considered to be of immense value, even though a few of them are over a hundred years old. Also, many of the books are a bit tatty. I don't think this matters, because it's the stuff that's in them that's important, and they are a remarkable eclectic collection of interesting old books.

I expect to be paid for the books, but I'm not asking a fortune. It's more important that the books go to a good home. Also, I'm willing to provide some Internet training initially so as to get your online business started. Also, I have good contacts in the Internet business so you'll be able to avoid most of the problems new online businesses encounter.

Another thing to realise if you are considering taking on this project is that you will need to give house room to a great many books. Several rooms to spare would be good.

You don't have to live in Lincolnshire (UK) to take on this project, but that's where the books are currently so transport will have to be thought about.

If you take on the project I will give you a free advertisement at this website. Can't say fairer than that. Let Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones, and other famous online bookshops watch out, as they will have new competition! ;-)

For the love of books, please someone take on this project! Here is the opportunity to set up your own online bookshop. If interested, here's the page by which to write in: e-mail

Update 2011: This page is being archived-off, as the books have now been packed into shipping containers and are soon going to be away. Meanwhile, if you'd like to buy a few books, there are bookshops on this site!

There's still the fruit machine glass business for sale, though.