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Composite image of the construction work in Birmingham in 2001.

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The scene in 2001: A city in the process of being rebuilt. They probably thought it was quite a nice church over there, so they kept that. And the Rotunda was going to have to be demolished, but the people said it had to remain, as it was a famous landmark. However, all the area inbetween has been dug up and there are huge cranes (they're lit up at night to make it even more dramatic). Notice how there is a walkway bridge right across the middle of the construction site so it's still possible to get to/from the market. Another nice thing about the way the construction is being done is that provision has been made for people to view the work from good vantage points all around. There are barriers to stop you falling 100ft into the site, but you can always see through the grids to take a look at the spectacular views of construction.

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More about the construction can be seen at www.bullring.co.uk which is a site that's been well done and quite a lot of work has gone into it, even if they have overdone the ActiveX. Update: The building work on the city was mostly completed, and here's a picture of the neo-futuristic vista. I think it looks great, but not everyone agrees.

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