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Affiliates United Merchants List

It's no secret that Affiliates United is connected closely with William Hill the famous bookie and online gambling company. One of the nice things about Affiliates United is that once you have joined, you are a member of all of the merchant programs. These merchant programs are generally all part of the William Hill group in one way or another. At the time Zyra joined, there were twelve listed. These are as follows:

1. Affiliates United Affiliate Recruiter - dedicated page

2. William Hill Casino Club - dedicated page

3. William Hill Poker Club - dedicated pageAffiliates United

4. William Hill Sports - dedicated page

5. Eurogrand Casino - just a link at present

6. Joyland Casino - dedicated page

7. Skykings Casino - just a link at present

8. Ambercoast Casino - just a link at present

9. Carnaval Casino (Yes, it really is spelt like that, curiously enough, rather than Carnival Casino) - just a link at present - was http://serve.carnavalcasino.com/promoRedirect?member=zyra1&campaign=DEFAULT&channel=DEFAULT&zone=270221273&lp=14151440

10. Kiwi Casino - just a link at present

11. CD Poker - just a link at present

12. Blackpool Club Bingo - just a link at present

We're also hoping to get William Hill Bingo connected up there.

This list may not be much fun for merchants hoping to join an affiliate marketing company, as you can't really join Affiliates United as a merchant, well, not unless you can persuade William Hill to buy you out! However, this list is worth knowing about if you are a prospective affiliate, as it gives you a chance to peruse the names which you could potentially partner with if you join Affiliates United as an affiliate. (They have a very good affiliate recruiter program, you know).

For the sake of completeness, this page also connects with all of the anomalous site index pages which would otherwise have no merchant list linking with them: sindex-0 , sindex-h , sindex-k , sindex-v , sindex-y , and sindex-z.htm