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Temporarily bunged up Actual LINK page

We have a good relationship with the FSA and with other insurance companies who don't have the following scary clause which might the considered to be against freedom of speech:

From 14/01/05 the sale of general insurance products will become directly regulated by the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”). Affiliates carrying Links for Lloyds TSB Insurance and Screentrade should ensure that they do no promotion other than carry the Links. Any form of promotion relating to our insurance products over and above carrying the Links will render the affiliate liable to prosecution by the FSA for carrying an illegal financial promotion unless the affiliate is authorised and regulated by the FSA in their own right or is an Appointed Representative of a company who is authorised. Any affiliate who is found to be carrying out their own promotion when not authorised to do so will have their affiliate status terminated with immediate effect. ("Link") Connection to a Web site or Web site content operated by another person or entity ("Advertiser").

The page is temporarily bunged up, and hopefully there will be an amicable agreement by which we can continue to advertise the company properly as we have for many years! In the meantime, customers, please see other insurance companies also available at this site.

Also, please note that The FSA is there to see fair play, not to silence free speech! We are allowed to pass comment and to write reviews about insurance companies and their products. Movie reviewers may similarly write about the products of MGM, FOX, etc without fear of persecution by the "Film Shushing Authority" or some such thing!